Thursday, March 18, 2010

About Anna . . .

1) Her nuks are her most prized possessions. Her love for her nuks rank a close second to the love she feels for her family. One nuk is never enough. Neither is two. Three is perfect: one in her mouth, one in her right hand (for her upper lip), and one in her left hand ready to switch out as necessary. (I’m still not sure of her switching criteria). These days, Anna’s nuks have been relegated to stay in her bed (new house rules). So, during the course of the day, Anna is often found in her bed, having a “quick rest” and stealing a few quiet moments with her nuks.

2) She loves to sing and especially dance. For a three year old, she actually has quite the moves. Her urge to dance goes hand in hand with her desire to be the center of attention. But, even if no one is watching, she will dance, just because it feels right to her. On more than one occasion, she has left the dinner table in the middle of a meal, declaring, “I gotta dance mama,” and only to return when the urge has been resolved.

3) She prefers to be naked. If it were acceptable, she would be naked all day, everyday, everywhere. And, if she is not naked, she is rifling through her closet and pulling clothes on and off in rapid succession. As soon as something gets the slightest spot (which doesn’t take long), she pulls off the pants or shirt or skirt, declares “papa wash it,” and moves on to the next outfit. And even at three, we can definitely see that she is developing a style all her own.

4) She is fiercely independent and makes it known that she has an opinion on anything and everything. Her independence will keep her busy on her own for an hour at a time. She has a sassy-ness that serves her very well. Already, she will say something simply for the sake of drama. “Oh . . . My . . . Gosh . . . “ Her eyes are so expressive that she will some day dismiss suitors with the bat of an eyelash.

5) She adores her brother “Hen-dee”. She will come to his defense anytime he gets in trouble or is being “talked-to.” She’ll run over and shake her fist at whoever is doling out the discipline, saying “be nice to Hen-dee. But, we are also starting to see a little rivalry between them, most often instigated by Anna. She will talk very loudly and non-stop when he is trying to say something, or she’ll turn the TV off when he is watching something, all just to bug him.

6) She is fairly adventurous when it comes to food, and is willing to try most anything. But, if she doesn’t like it, it is coming right back out. She loves ice cream, chocolate, frosting, and gum. Loves coffee in the morning with mom. Loves eggs and salsa. Loves berries of all kinds. Loves happy meals (Mama, I want a burger, pench pies, apples and choco-milk.”)

7) She is loud and silly and wild and brave and strong and makes me laugh more than anyone else I’ve ever met. (The really big laugh . . . the don't-let-her-see-you-because-it-will-only-encourage-her, hide-behind-your-arm, tears-running-down-your-face kind of laugh).

8) She loves to be outside anytime, doing anything. She loves The Wiggles, iCarly, Stuart Little, Lilo & Stitch, and Harry Potter (Harry Potter mostly because Henry loves it). Loves her friends Emily, Ava, Carter. Loves being at Tonya’s. Loves going anywhere. Loves her books.

9) She is a pack-rat. She loves to carry things around with her. Whether it is a “pack-pack,” a lunch bag, a book bag or a purse, Anna fills the bag with anything handy and meaningful to her at the moment, and then carries it along with her everywhere!

10) She is tuned into her feelings and everyone else’s too. She is quick to say “I’m sorry,” or “I’m happy now” or “ thank you” or “welcome.” Lately, she’s started asking how we are feeling too. “Mommy, you feel happy?” She is the first to go over to Henry when he’s been hurt or is feeling sad. She’ll stroke his back and say “It’s okay, Hen-dee.”

11) She has a very sweet and gentle spirit. She appreciates a good cuddle, especially when she has just woken up in the morning. At night, she will fall asleep next to me, stroking my cheek or my arm, for both her comfort and mine. She is first in line for a hug from anyone. And for Grandpa, he gets a kiss on both cheeks.

12) She is our miracle. She came to us after a sadness that was absolute and overwhelming. And, now, what she has brought to us is also absolute and overwhelming, but full of joy and love and amazement. She makes our family imperfectly perfect!

Happy 3rd birthday sweet girl . . . . We love you more than you can imagine.
(#6: See the List 101 in 1001)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So much joy . . .

Anna turns three on Thursday . . . three!! I'm working on her birthday letter right now, and my heart is bursting . . . . (#6: See The List: 101 in 1001)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reminder from a three-year-old . . .

This weekend, we went to have breakfast with Great-Grandpa Pexa. We hadn't seen him for a few weeks, so we met mom and dad and Uncle Joe at his apartment after everyone returned from church. Everyone was in the kitchen and we all made a big breakfast together! It was a wonderful way to spend the morning!!

After breakfast, I took out my camera to snap a few pictures. Miss Personality decided she wanted to have her picture taken with every person in the room, and so she did . . .

First a shot with Great-Grandpa . . .

Then Grandma . . .

Next were funny faces with Grandpa . . .

Even a picture with a neighbor down the hall, who was a complete stranger to Anna . . .

There she is again, sneaking in on a picture with Henry and Papa . . .

And then being silly with Papa. It was pretty cute.

I was just about to put my camera away, when Anna came up to me and said "Now Papa take a picture with Anna and Mama."

Oh yes -- now I remember. I said that I wanted to be in the pictures too. (#75: See The List: 101 in 1001). So . . . . prompted by my 3 year old, here is a quick shot of us together.

Thank you Anna. ( . . . and I'll remember next time all on my own!)