Galleries: Faces

Until recently, when I posted a photo that I really loved, it ended up moving down, down, down the blog, and eventually got buried among the archives.  Basically, it was gone.  I hated that!
So, I started using a gallery page to post some of my favorite photos . . . but after a few months, I had collected WAY too many.  Now, I've divided these photos onto three pages.  For more, check out "Together" and "Bits and Pieces."  Now, I keep all my favorites around a little longer.

Special thanks to all of the amazing friends and family who are indulging my new obsession.  (my over-photographed kiddos also extend their sincere gratitude!!)

Note: I am seeking more families to be my "practice subjects."  I currently do not charge for a session.  I'll simply trade you a CD with at least 20 images (usually many more than that), in exchange for your time and good looks).  Interested?  See "Practice" for more details.


Photos continued at "TOGETHER"