Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I finally remembered . . .

. . . to take my new Envirosac bags along with me to the grocery store. I always seem to remember them just as I'm checking out. And god knows, I'm not running back to my car to get them in the middle of the Minnesota winter. But finally, yesterday, I took them in with me. All of my groceries fit just fine. And, they were stylin' too.

I also used my new cash card to pay for the groceries, rather than write a check. I really hate that damn cash card and I knew I would. That's why I've never had one. But I'm trying to be as paperless as possible. Plus those duplicate checks are expensive. So, I'll at least give it a good try.

(mind over matter . . . I love my cash card, I love my cash card, I love my cash card.)

(#37 & #41: See The List: 101 in 1001).

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the training begin . . . .

My running shoes are buried under snow boots, my bike is in dire need of a tune up, and I have no idea where my swim goggles are. But, if I want to compete in two triathlons this summer, it's time to start training. So, Monday is the day to begin. I've dug out my old training schedules, and I'm off and running (and swimming and biking!)

Swim, Bike & Run Like a Girl is set for June 5th. I'm also going to register for the YWCA of Minneapolis Women's Triathlon on August 15th (open water!). Hopefully Annie will join me for both!

(#13: See The List: 101 in 1001).

Friday, February 12, 2010

The crazy four of us too . . .

Annie also took these of the "crazy four of us." (no wonder we needed a night out alone!!)

Just us . . .

Last Saturday, Ray and I went out on a date, for the first time in a long time. Sitting in front of a warm fireplace at a cozy restaurant. Uninterrupted conversation over appetizers and drinks. Popcorn (buttered!) and a soda to share at the movie "Crazy/Heart." Holding hands on the drive home. Just us.

It was so nice. And, an evening away together created "that something" between us all week long. (#1: See The List: 101 in 1001).

To memorialize the evening, before we left for our date, Annie took a picture of "just us" . . . .

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something new...

I have been thinking about this for well over a year . . . . I've wanted to create a goal-setting group with a few people who I really trust. After giving it much thought (as usual), I began working on the invite email on Monday. And then I re-wrote the email and edited it and re-read it and changed it again . . . . I was just nervous to ask. (I intentionally emailed the invite in order to spare myself the laughing and eye rolling I was sure my friends would be doing as they read. I even offered them good excuses for turning me down). Finally after about a half dozen drafts, I hit 'SEND," and off the invite went to three women who I admire and respect and simply enjoy being with. Then I held my breath for their response.

Why was this so hard? First, it really is difficult for me to ask for anything from anyone. In my head, a goal setting group sounds like a brilliant idea. But, what happens when it leaves my head and is "out there?" Even though I hoped this could be something my friends could really benefit from too, it was still difficult to ask.

I also knew that by creating this group, I would add a whole new level of accountability to the goals I plan to work on. It would be time to put up or shut up!

And of course, I would be putting myself out there, which I usually don't like to do. Now, I will need to be honest out loud. I'll be exposing myself. I'll feel vulnerable. Oh my - these are all the things I try VERY hard to avoid. But, I also knew that if I really want to achieve some of these goals, creating this group is exactly what I need to do. The payback has potential to offere so much more benefit than any risk I was taking. And so I hit send!!

And, joy of joys, my amazing, wonderful, fabulous friends liked the idea. Everyone signed on right away and they are excited too!! We already have a year's worth of dates scheduled and our first agenda drafted. I am so very pleased (and anxious and nervous . . . .)

This is really an exciting time. I feel as though I have things happening right now . . . doors opening, opportunities presenting themselves. Now, if only I could survive on 3 hours of sleep a night, so I could really get things done!! (#18: See The List: 101 in 1001)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Saturday night is date night ...

Ray. Me. Dinner. Movie. Oh my!! (who cares where or what). Annie is staying overnight with the kids. OMG!! 3 days and counting . . . I can hardly wait!!! (#1: See The List: 101 in 1001)