Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something new...

I have been thinking about this for well over a year . . . . I've wanted to create a goal-setting group with a few people who I really trust. After giving it much thought (as usual), I began working on the invite email on Monday. And then I re-wrote the email and edited it and re-read it and changed it again . . . . I was just nervous to ask. (I intentionally emailed the invite in order to spare myself the laughing and eye rolling I was sure my friends would be doing as they read. I even offered them good excuses for turning me down). Finally after about a half dozen drafts, I hit 'SEND," and off the invite went to three women who I admire and respect and simply enjoy being with. Then I held my breath for their response.

Why was this so hard? First, it really is difficult for me to ask for anything from anyone. In my head, a goal setting group sounds like a brilliant idea. But, what happens when it leaves my head and is "out there?" Even though I hoped this could be something my friends could really benefit from too, it was still difficult to ask.

I also knew that by creating this group, I would add a whole new level of accountability to the goals I plan to work on. It would be time to put up or shut up!

And of course, I would be putting myself out there, which I usually don't like to do. Now, I will need to be honest out loud. I'll be exposing myself. I'll feel vulnerable. Oh my - these are all the things I try VERY hard to avoid. But, I also knew that if I really want to achieve some of these goals, creating this group is exactly what I need to do. The payback has potential to offere so much more benefit than any risk I was taking. And so I hit send!!

And, joy of joys, my amazing, wonderful, fabulous friends liked the idea. Everyone signed on right away and they are excited too!! We already have a year's worth of dates scheduled and our first agenda drafted. I am so very pleased (and anxious and nervous . . . .)

This is really an exciting time. I feel as though I have things happening right now . . . doors opening, opportunities presenting themselves. Now, if only I could survive on 3 hours of sleep a night, so I could really get things done!! (#18: See The List: 101 in 1001)

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