Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I finally remembered . . .

. . . to take my new Envirosac bags along with me to the grocery store. I always seem to remember them just as I'm checking out. And god knows, I'm not running back to my car to get them in the middle of the Minnesota winter. But finally, yesterday, I took them in with me. All of my groceries fit just fine. And, they were stylin' too.

I also used my new cash card to pay for the groceries, rather than write a check. I really hate that damn cash card and I knew I would. That's why I've never had one. But I'm trying to be as paperless as possible. Plus those duplicate checks are expensive. So, I'll at least give it a good try.

(mind over matter . . . I love my cash card, I love my cash card, I love my cash card.)

(#37 & #41: See The List: 101 in 1001).

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