Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Practice and post...

It is late. I should be in bed. I have a very early morning. (alarm set for 4:00 a.m.) But, I need to start. To take action. To start doing, rather than just circling all of these thoughts in my head. Kelly Rae's course is really challenging me, in a fabulous and inspiring sort of way. If I really want to learn to take great pictures, I need to do two things regularly: practice and post. That's it. Practice taking pictures everyday. And then posting them to my blog. Even if they aren't great pictures, and if no one in the world sees my blog, I still know that the action of posting is critical. I am putting myself out there. I need to put myself out there. Posting also forces me to learn and expand my creative horizons. Obviously, if I make posting a priority, I will want to post something that I like. Something I am proud of. So, my pictures will improve.

Practice and post. Practice and post. I know that I always make such a big deal about things. Make things more complicated that they need to be. Wait for perfection. For the perfect time to write and take pictures. But, if I make "enough time" my stop-gate, I will never do anything. God knows, I'll never have enough time. I just need to take what time I do have and make something out of it. Something meaningful. Intention demands attention.

So, here I am. Up and out of bed . . . .

Earlier today, I practiced a bit, taking a couple shots before Henry was off to his last day of kindergarten. And now, I'll post. Nothing too earth shattering, but I like them.

And then again, maybe this is earth shattering . . . . !!

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