Wednesday, December 21, 2011


When Ray and I lived in Alaska, winter solstice was a big deal. It really signified the return of the light....A hope for the coming months.

Now that we're in Minnesota, it doesn't have the same significance for most. But, I still appreciate its meaning. So, each year on December 21st, our family celebrates with a candlelight dinner, the lighting of a tree in our front yard, and hand-made gifts for the earth (usually peanut butter pine cones for the birds and squirrels).

It is always one of my favorite winter traditions.

This year however, we won't be home for solstice. Today, we're traveling back from Jamaica, just in time for Christmas. Last week, I took photos for a beautiful wedding here. And now Ray and I have been indulging with a wonderful vacation - - relaxing by the ocean, sleeping late, eating (a lot!) and soaking in the warm sun.

It has been fabulous!

But regardless, I'll honor the season with a photo from last year's solstice in Minnesota:


And with a photo from this year's solstice eve in Jamaica:


Here's to the return of the light. And for all good things in the year ahead.

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