Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Friends

Anna met Addy at preschool this past fall. And I met Jill (Addy's mom) when I cornered her at the community Halloween party and begged her to be Anna's preschool chauffeur from time to time. (Nice way to introduce myself, huh?) Jill was nothing but gracious, and since then, after several preschool transports and a few play dates, our families have become fast friends. Danny and Henry and Addy and Anna.  All about the same age, give or take. Everyone just seems to fit.

And then there is Lexy, bringing up the rear at almost two years old. But trust me, she hangs just fine with the big kids.  Just fine.....

With a few days off from school week before last, we were excited to plan a trip to the zoo.  It was a great afternoon.  I figured the fun broke down like this:  25% amazement at the zoo creatures, 15% sweet treat appreciation, and 60% of pure joy simply from the chance to run around.

I swear, that's all we have to do sometimes.  Just give our kids lots of room to run! 

(Oh yes, I know - - I could wax on about that last statement, but today, I'll just leave it alone.....)

Off they went, from the minute we arrived.
I think this was a private preschooler joke.  Something about bubbles and grapes and muddy shoes.  Clearly, a mom just wouldn't understand.

This is Lexy.  Don't be fooled by that shy little grin.  This girl is all spitfire - in the best possible way!
I think Addy was hypnotized by her giant lollipop.
Henry should have thought twice about leaving his Icee unattended. I have a feeling that Lexy is a "go for it right now, and ask permission later" kinda kid! 
(I think this is one of my favorite shots from recent weeks.  Thanks Lexy!)

We're working on our next adventure. Hopefully something again with lots of room to run!!  We can't wait!!

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