Sunday, March 18, 2012

All Anna....

My darling Anna turned five today.  And we celebrated all weekend.

I owe her my annual birthday letter, and it is coming soon.  But for today, I at least want to remember two stories from our day.

These are ALL Anna......


After a big birthday breakfast, Anna opened her presents.  She is a grateful kid by nature, and offered all of her appreciation with an honest sincerity.  After a round of hugs and thank you's, she went on with the business of enjoying her new "stuff."  But, a few minutes later, Anna stood up again and clearly had something on her mind.  She got everyone's attention and said, "I know, sometimes I might be mean and say things that aren't very nice.  But I just want you all to know......"

(and then she adds just the right amount of eye shifting and dramatic pause - - dramatic pause....)

"I still love you all."

This evening, after cake and just before bed, Anna plopped down on my lap and we recounted her day.  I was headed downstairs with Henry for awhile, and she planned to chill-out with Papa and a little TV.  But, before she left, she grabbed my chin, pulled me in close and said "I can't tear myself away from you.  You are just so darn cute."

Then she gave me another quick hug, hopped off my lap, and took off up the stairs.

She's five. 

And my heart bursts with love for her.

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  1. Oh my gosh - she "can't tear herself away, you are just so darn cute"? I would've lost all my emotions at that second. What an amazing memory - so glad you got it recorded for always. And love the photos - especially the red umbrella ones!