Sunday, May 29, 2011

In step...

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with Tammy and her family.

Over the past few weeks, Tammy and I have traded lots of emails about where we'd meet.  This is a family that loves to be out and about together.  Having fun.  Being themselves. So, in the end, it was only fitting to try something new, and enjoy an old favorite.  We met near the Mill City Farmer's Market and walked along the Mississippi.  Then we were off to Target Field for pictures on the plaza.

And as reward for enduring me all afternoon, Tammy and the kids would take in the Twins game that evening.

Sounds like a good day to me.....



Clearly, this is a mom who adores her kids.  And the feeling is mutual, all around.


Clearly, this a family who loves spending time together, just having fun.  


It was a perfect day to walk across the Stone Arch Bridge (and try not to get mowed over by the bicyclists!)



Nick is 13 and will be going into 8th grade next year.  Pretty exciting, considering he'll be among the oldest in the school.  (I remember 8th grade well....)


Cody is 16 and missed 2 baseball games of his own, plus fishing to be with his family for pictures.  That says a lot....



Emily is 12 and will be going into 6th grade.  I think she would have taken pictures all afternoon. She's a natural!







Now this shot was more Cody's style...


To Target Field.



Nick came up with this pose.  Well, Kirby and Nick, I guess.....  Love it!


Okay guys, by now you should know....


....Mom has eyes in the back of her head!


Absolutely stunning!





This is a family truly in step with one another.  Making the most of their time together when they have it.  Appreciating each other, appreciating all the fun they have.  Just being themselves and doing the things they love to do.


Tammy, it was a pleasure!!  Many thanks for letting me share in your family adventure.  (And I'm so glad to hear that the Twins pulled it off 1-0 in the tenth!)

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