Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Worth the wait....

Sunday morning, the first words out of Anna's mouth were "Mommy, I'm not throwing up this morning."  You've gotta love a day that starts out with that sentence....

But it was the second part that was most important to Anna: "Now we can finally have my birthday party."

Thank goodness!

Just four weeks before, my dear one was getting over an awful stomach flu that lasted nearly a week.  Unfortunately, we had to tell nine of her little friends that we were cancelling Anna's fourth birthday party.

But not this month.  Everyone was good and healthy and ready to transform into woodland fairies.  (Okay, so maybe Henry wasn't ready for that transformation, but he was willing to stick around and see what might happen....And see if any treats would be doled out!)

As is usually the case before any big shindig at our house, I shipped Henry and Anna off to my mom's for the morning.  I can usually clean and cook with the kids around, no problem.  But when I'm setting things up, it is SO much easier to have them otherwise entertained.  So, they happily went off to Grandma and Grandpa's house, and I happily decorated without interruption....




This year, Anna decided on a fairy party for her birthday. And I decided it would be the "woodland" version, not the Tinkerbell version, just to mix it up a bit.  Lots of vines and butterflies and ribbons and pixies....



Part of the reason I love to have the kids away while I decorate is to be able to see their reaction when I have everything set for the party.  When Grandma brought the kids home after lunch, Anna walked in the door, and she was speechless.  Well nearly.  She walked around and around, touching everything, and just saying "Whoa...whoa...."  That's it.

She was adorable and I was pleased as can be. 



(the fairy wishing tree and treat bags for everyone!)



After taking the grand tour a few more times, Anna and I went up to her room to get dressed for the party.  As I was helping her with her clothes, I could just feel her excitement. After the shirt went over her head, Anna stopped, grabbed my chin in her hands and pulled me in close.  In barely a whisper she said "Mom, I'm so excited.  It is so decorative downstairs.  Thank you so much. I love all the decoratives."  And then she planted a big kiss right on my nose.

Be still my heart.

At that moment, it was worth two long nights of tissue paper flowers and paper butterflies.  Worth every. single. second.  Really.  What more could a mama ask for??   My girl is happy.....

And the party hadn't even started yet!



Finally, everyone arrived and we were in little girl heaven. Anna could barely contain herself. 


We started the festivities with a scavenger hunt, scouring the house for woodland fairy garb.





Below was the single minute when everyone was all decked out.  The rest of the afternoon, we stepped over scattered wings and wands and tutu's..... 



After dress-up, we were off to the Woodland Workshop for wand decorating and necklace making....



There were games....

Musical toadstools, pass the fairy, the butterfly drop....

And there was running.  And screaming.  Lots of both.  I took it all as a good sign! I LOVE four-year-old joy!

These really were such sweet girls. Anna knows three little friends from our previous daycare, and five more from our current daycare. But they all played together so well. And were all just so kind and polite.


After a few hours, it was time to eat.  Contrary to my typical party flow, I had decided not to serve snacks before dinner - - best decision ever!! After all that playtime, these little girls were hungry!  They sat at the table and ate!!  And ate!

Finally a little reprieve for the pixie-weary moms!








Before we knew it, three hours had gone by and the party was over.

Despite enjoying every minute, my dear one was getting tired.  You could tell Anna was a just a tinsy-bit on the edge.... Not quite over the edge, but oh....getting close.  Three hours was just enough.  Party-perfect.

So with promises of more playdates soon, our little friends left, with wings and crowns and lots of sugar in hand....

We had so much fun, and can only hope everyone else did too.


I was so glad Grandma Margie volunteered to help with the day. Well okay - - I volunteered her.  But, I think she was a willing participant.

Of course, Anna loved having her with us, and I loved having the extra hands.

But so much more than the help, I loved sharing all of the excitement and four-year-old wonder with my mom.  Especially right now.  We ALL need a little joy!

My own best memories are of the celebrations she made so special the entire time I was growing up.  To have her share in these celebrations with my own little ones.  Well, it means everything to me....


Henry was a trooper the entire day.  He even said "mom that was a great party."  Of course, Anna loved having her big brother around.   


Yes, it was a good day.  My dear one was as happy as can be.

Clearly, it was worth the wait....



  1. I LOVE the picture of your mom and Anna! So beautiful!!

  2. I am SO impressed. Wow. I am coming back to this post when I need ideas for my daughter's bday party!