Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Earlier this week, when I picked up Anna from preschool, she grabbed a few dandelions that had seeded out.  "I'm ready to make a wish," she said.  "I wish that I could play with my friends whenever I wanted to."  And then she blew....

Incidentally, we were headed to Anna's friend Addy's house.  Perfect opportunity....

"Anna," I said "Would you like to go to Addy's house right now?"

Her eyes grew big and she jumped at it.  "Yes, yes, yes!"

"Let's go," I said.  "And guess what, your wish just came true.  You are going to your friends house exactly when you wanted to."  

Without missing a beat, Anna looked at me and said "Dang, I should have wished that I knew how to fly." 

If only, my dear.....


  1. glad you are recording these as they happen - that is priceless. =) Lovely, lovely photo of Anna, too!

  2. So cute. They are so honest!