Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cool mornings....

These days, my morning cup of coffee tastes just a little better than usual.  I’ve been making a point of escaping outside for a few minutes before everyone else wakes up. It’s so beautiful in our backyard this time of year.  Right around sunrise, a cool mist rises from the stream behind our house.  There’s a chill in the air, and the grass is covered in dew.  I know it’s probably too early to pull out the sweaters and boots, but I’m feeling it….


I adore the four beautifully-distinct seasons we have in the Midwest - - it’s probably one of Minnesota’s best kept secrets (My theory is that we unconsciously complain a lot about the weather, just to keep everyone from migrating here…). Of course, I love summer as much as the next person.  We really do make the most of every hot June/July/August day.  And the warm summer evenings – well, they are my favorite.  But by the time September rolls around, I’m ready for some down time….a little less sunshine, a little more rain and chill.   It’s probably just me, but I crave a bit of seasonal idle.  I need time to relax and not feel as though we have to spend every waking moment outside, doing something summery (and most likely sandy and bath-intensive). 


Fall is on its way.  I’m ready for movie afternoons, hikes through the leaves, inside art projects, hot apple cider.  And staying in from time to time. 

Perfectly lovely.


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