Thursday, September 1, 2011

About Henry - 2011....

This post is more than three months late. Henry's birthday was at the end of May. But, as with all things in mommy-ville, better late than never....

Last Friday, we spent the day reminiscing about the May 20th that happened just seven years ago, when Henry came into this world. Okay, okay - - I reminisced. Henry just nodded and humored me. “I know mom. You told me all of this last year, and the year before that….”

Yup, it is the same story - - my water broke 6 weeks early. Breech baby = c-section. Early arrival, but still a baby who was seven pounds big. Just a week in the hospital, and then home.... Home, with a perfect baby, just for us. Yes, it’s the same story every year…..but it is our story. And it will always be one of my favorites. Particularly because this is the story of the boy who made me a mom for the very first time.

With his first gulp of air, Henry gave me the moment that transformed my life.

Sorry Hen. You're just going to have to put up with me and my story at least once a year!

Now, it’s seven years later, and so much has changed. We've gone from baby booties to tie shoes. From teething rings and blocks, to electric guitars and video games. But with each year, the love has grown too....

When Henry was born, that fierce and instant mama-love felt so complete. And so overwhelming…. Like it could swallow me whole. It was hard to imagine more..... But our days marched on and Henry and I shared both love and life together. The big stuff and the little stuff. The everyday stuff that made our lives together meaningful and full of good things. We had life in common too....

And to top it all off - something I had never really thought about before I was a mom - Henry gave me all that affection right back.....It's a perfectly-wonderful vicious cycle of love.

Yes, yes, I know exactly how hokey that sounds. But I stand by it. The love just keeps getting bigger.

Okay, moving on.....

Here are the 10 things I know about Henry (the abbreviated version, in no particular order):

1) This boy is tall. Tall, tall, tall. Biggest kid in his first grade class (well, except for a couple of girls.)


2) Henry loves to hang out with his friends. Any worry I had about how well he'd "socialize" in first grade was completely unfounded. (It's funny how "unfounded" seems to be true of most of my mama-worries....)


3) There were lots of firsts this year: learning to swim, learning to tie his shoes, learning to read, riding ALL the roller coasters at Valley Fair....

4) Henry adores his sister. Or despises her. It depends on the moment.


5) Henry loves all things school, except the long bus ride. He particularly loves math and science, and after a little encouragement, he's grown to love reading too. And his teacher Mrs. Horning? Henry requested that she be his teacher from now to college. (Wishful thinking for all of us!)


6) Ever since seeing "Hubble" at the Science Museum Omni Theater this winter, Henry has been infatuated with anything and everything related to space. (Now he's starting to ask questions that only an astro-physicist can answer.  At least we have Google.)

7) Henry loves Legos, Harry Potter, Cub Scouts, Wimpy Kid books, Wizards 101, going to plays, movies and museums, playing basketball and board games, and singing. And he loves his Aunt Annie (whom he also misses SO much!)



8) Henry saved every penny he earned or was given for five solid months (Great-Grandpa was his greatest benefactor), and then he bought himself a Nintendo 3DS with his own money.

9) Henry loves steak, watermelon, Gatorade, root beer floats, stacks of pancakes, chicken nuggets, Airheads, and broccoli with A1 sauce. And the good news: no more food allergies.


10) Henry is a such a sweet and sensitive kid. He's funny and silly and smart and he adores his family. He pays attention to and appreciates all the little things that make life so wonderful. He is the first in line for a hug and the first to offer a kind word. He amazes me with the love he shows everyone around him.


He is such a great kid and I am blessed a thousand times over to call him my own.


We celebrated Henry's 7th year with an "out-of-this world" party over the summer. We all had a blast!





(making glow-in-the dark t-shirts was hit!)




Thank you Henry for giving me the best a mom could ever hope for.....


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  1. Deb - Thanks for sharing. The photographs and stories are wonderful.