Thursday, November 24, 2011

More than enough....

I wasn't planning on writing a post for Thanksgiving. Of course, not because I don't relish the holiday and its meaning. But simply because the whole "thankful" theme seems to appear in nearly half my posts, regardless of whether it is April or July or November. I imagine the three people who actually read this blog, collectively rolling their eyes and thinking "Here she goes again. Being all grateful and s*%#."

So, I intended to resist the urge. But, this morning I woke up with all of these things bouncing around in my head. I think it must be all the cosmic thankful energy in the air today.....

In no particular order - -

I am grateful that I finally understand my kids are doing me a favor when they insist on pointing out every one of my parental inconsistencies and fallibilities and flaws. If I'm honest, I know that they're actually teaching me to be a better parent (regardless of how much it might drive me crazy).

I am grateful for hope and opportunity and being able to take chances and try things that only a year ago seemed completely out of the realm of possibility.

In a year of great loss for our family, I am grateful for the sweetest memories. And for the love that miraculously continues, even when someone as left us.

I am grateful for all the little teeny-tiny Lego's that come in every box these days. When they don't get vacuumed up or lost, they really are the pieces that are key to Lego coolness.

I am grateful that even though some of our dear ones will be missing from our Thanksgiving table this year, they are still with us. Really. That never changes, despite the distance.

I am grateful that (I think) we'll manage to make this year another Barbie-free Christmas. And yes, I am so glad that American Girl has not yet entered our universe. (but I'm not holding my breath....)

I am grateful for all of the wonderful people who are a part of our lives everyday. All the teachers and daycare providers and dear friends. They really are family too, helping to shape and guide my little ones with such care and love.

I am grateful for second chances. The really big kind. The kind that end up being life-changing.

I am grateful that we don't "have" everything, but that we have more than enough. And that "enough" is actually perfect. It gives us comfort and deep appreciation and hope.

I am grateful that showing up to life and being a part of whatever makes our heart sing - - well, that is where the real joy is.

I am grateful that my kids will wake up this morning to the smell of pumpkin pie, and they'll hear the comforting sounds of me puttering around in the kitchen. And when they crawl out of their warm beds and make their way down the stairs, they will see someone who loves them to the ends of the earth. Someone who will pull them in and explain to them that they are on the tippy-top of mom's thankful list. I never never take that amazing privilege for granted.

I am grateful for morning sunshine and orange juice and the promise of a lovely day, starting with a family breakfast....


Here's to another year of walking with gratitude. Every step of the way.

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