Sunday, November 13, 2011

November skies....

I've been writing blog posts and taking pictures in my head again.  Lots of them.  I just haven't had the time to type the words on the computer, or get my hands on the camera.  I will say though, it's been a fabulous week, despite the busyness.  I think November brings a sort of calm to our house.....All the back-to-school stuff has become routine again. We've buttoned everything up outside, ready for the impending chill.  The holiday craziness hasn't quite set in yet.  And please don't get me started on how fabulous and homey the kitchen smells this time of year, with all that baked pumpkin and nutmeg and simmering chicken stock.....

I guess we're settling in for the winter, and it just feels warm and cozy around here. 

This month, we're also working hard to be grateful.  To notice and to appreciate.  All the big things and all the everyday things.  And we're trying to be grateful, not just in our heads, but out loud too.

My theory is that gratitude begets gratitude.  The more grateful you are, the more the appreciation comes back around. And for this mama, gratitude is among my top five most important life-lessons to pass along to my own little ones.  I believe, way down to the bottom of my toes, that being grateful - living as though the glass is waaaaaaayyyy more than half full (even sometimes when it really isn't) - - well, that sort of outlook will nearly guarantee the good life.  And boy, do I ever have the good life!

A few days ago, I overheard Henry tell Anna that he liked one of the pieces of artwork that she created at preschool. And without missing a beat, Anna turned to Henry and said "And thank you for chewing with your mouth closed.  That's good manners."

Hey, I'll take what I can get......

Tonight, I was grateful for this amazing light, illuminating the view just behind our house to the east.  It was probably a half hour before the sun was going to set.  Of course, the photo doesn't come close to doing the scene justice - - just imagine hazy and glowing and warm.....It was simply gorgeous. 


I love a good November sky. I love the chill outside and the cozy inside.  I love the annual hunt for the first snowflakes floating in the air.  And, I love that all of my dear ones are snuggled up right here next to me. Safe and sound.  Happy and all glass-fullish.....

I will be grateful.  Out loud.  Every day.

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