Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Fabulous Year 2011

2011 was filled with lots of big moments and little moments. It was a wonderful year.

One of my favorite little moments happened just hours before the clock struck twelve on New Year's Eve. As we've done the past couple years (ever since Henry came along), Ray and I celebrate the New Year at home with the kiddos. We get a few pizza's, and a few movies. We indulge with root beer floats and noisemakers and backyard fireworks. And we yell "Happy New Year." A lot.

Anyway - - after our faux countdown and a New Year's toast with sparkling grape juice ('round about 10 p.m.), Ray and I headed upstairs to tuck the kids in for the night. After teeth were brushed and PJ's were on, we ended up piling on our bed, telling stories and laughing for a few more minutes before it was lights out.

At one point, we were stacked up next to one another, side by side, and Henry yelled "It's a family sandwich. Mom and I are the bread."

With Ray and Anna squished in the middle, I said "Papa is the cheese." (I thought it fit quite well!)

"And Anna is the ham" Ray added, which was perfect too.

Without missing a beat, Anna yelled "No, I'm not. I'm the celery!"

Of course. Celery.

See. That's exactly what I love about my life. I never quite know what might happen next. But whatever it is, there's a pretty good chance it will be something wonderful....

Plus, who knew that I could love a celery and cheese sandwich so much.


Once again, I've put together our annual family slideshow, recapping the fabulous year that was 2011. Last year I posted the abbreviated version here on the blog, but this year, I didn't have time to create a short and a longer version. So, here is the whole kit-and-kaboodle. (do people still say that??)

My guess is that my mom and sister will be the only viewers. But, that doesn't matter. It's for posterity anyway.

Our Fabulous Year 2011 from Debra Pexa on Vimeo.

Here's to a fabulous 2012. And to a lot more celery and cheese sandwiches!!

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