Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Years and Counting....

Yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of my blog.  (Happy anniversary to me.....)

I've written 245 posts, uploaded thousands of pictures, spent countless hours typing and editing, and somehow gained a few regular readers along the way (other than just my mom - no offense, mom.)

It's all a little mind-boggling.  It started quite innocently, with this post and a crazy-long to-do list.  Now, it's become a true labor of love.  Both the pictures and the writing.  The blog has been a wonderful record of our lives these past few years. It's given me an opportunity to really make a go of this photographer thing.  It's allowed me to write my way through some tough times.  And, it's given me the chance to connect with family far away, as well as new friends I would have never met had it not been for the blog.

In short, I've loved it.  Loved. It.

So much more than I ever could have imagined.


Having said all of that, I must admit that it has also been a complete pain in my backside.....

This blog is A LOT of work!  Who knew??

I spend hours and hours each week posting to the blog, and goodness knows, I really don't have that kind of free time. Plus, I don't post nearly as often as I'd like.  Take this past week for example.  I'm mortified that there were nine (yes NINE!) days between posts.  That is utter failure in blogger-ville.  It breaks all the blog-o-sphere rules.  And of course, during each one of those nine days, I'm thinking "I gotta post, I gotta post...."  The pressure is on.  But sometimes actually having the time to sit at the computer and write is impossible. 

Right now, I feel like a bit of a blogging basket case.....

Yes indeed - - happy anniversary to me. 

I'm not sure what is next for the blog.  I'd love to do so many new and exciting things with it.  But who am I kidding?  I can barely keep up now.  In the end, I just want to do it well, and sometimes I feel that I don't.  How do people do it?  How do people find time for everything??  I'm at a loss.....

(See, here I am, working things out on your time again.  Aren't you glad to have shared this little moment with me!)

But despite my ranting, I know that having this little corner of cyber-space has been a gift.  Regardless of how much time it takes, and regardless of how many people read it (besides my mom), it makes me happy.  And we all deserve to do things that make us happy, right?

Plus, I couldn't possible "un-blog" myself now.  It has become part of who I am.  The blog ideas run through my head all the time.  I actually think in blog.  (I know - - weird.  But true).  So, of course, I will continue to make the time. And, I'll enjoy it, dammit.....

My thanks to anyone and everyone who stops in from time to time.  I am honored that you share a little piece of your busy day with me.  Feel free to say "hi" in the comments below.  Let me know you are here.  It makes my computer desk a little less lonely.

P.S. Today it was 84 degrees and sunny in Jamaica.  A girl can dream...... 


  1. I enjoy every blog...i am a weekly reader!

  2. I know what you mean, Debra - I think it is easy to put pressure on ourselves to do it once we start. =) I do hope you have time to do it now and then - I love reading and seeing your beautiful photos!

  3. Keep blogging crazy lady!!! You're one of my favorite stops for inspiration. I certainly don't get to it every day and I do feel like a slacker when I don't. Why do we do that to ourselves? Sometimes, I get about three minutes to put something up. It's crazy, but I love it. My mom and my mother-in-law are my biggest fans and they notice if a couple of days go by. Do the best you can and do what makes you happy!

  4. I was hoping you weren't going to say you were done! Your blog keeps me up-to-date of your family and I LOVE IT! Know that I'm here...quite often and I don't care if you don't post but every 3 weeks...just a post here and there is FABULOUS!!

  5. We are here Deb. This is one way to keep up with you guys. You need some more pictures of Uncle Joel I think...

  6. We are here Deb. This is one way to keep up with you guys. You need some more pictures of Uncle Joel I think...