Friday, July 30, 2010

The best for last...

Henry went to a movie with his friend Max tonight. Since Ray had spent the day with the kids, Anna and I finally had our turn together. We blew bubbles and went to the park and ate ice cream at a local coffee shop . . . . Three great reasons to love summer!

So, I'm working on my photo exposure . . . trying to get it right when I first take the picture, rather than having to fix it later. For me, it is such an effort to consider everything as I shoot. But the exciting thing is that I'm finally remembering to think about the process. I'm starting to slow down and frame the scene and get the exposure right and consider the background (and, and, and . . . . ) Compared to my typical "point, shoot and hope for the best" method, I'd say the "thinking" method is a big step for me.

Photos from the evening . . . .

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