Monday, July 12, 2010

It's just what we do...

During these lazy days of my summer vacation (okay, maybe not so lazy . . . ) I've taken time to go blog-hopping among the online community of photographers / mamas / artists / seekers.

I love this quote from photographer and author Tracey Clark, speaking about the legacy of her creative work and on what her photos mean to her (post on The Creative Mama):

It’s no surprise we all focus on what matters most to us; in our hearts and in our minds as well as through our lenses. We are the documentarians of our lives and loves, family and friends. We are the keepers of memories, the note-takers, the photo-journalists, the scrapbookers, the historians. It’s just what we do. So, the question is, what do your photographs say about you? Do they reflect your passions, your loves, what is important to you?

This is exactly who I am. These are exactly the questions I am asking myself right now.

I have long been searching for a way to share what is most important to me: family, connections, tradition, authenticity, the extraordinary in everyday. I may have just found it.

(now if only I didn't have to take time to sleep every night . . . dammit!)

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