Sunday, August 8, 2010

French toast for everyone . . .

This morning for brunch, we all enjoyed REAL french toast . . day-old french bread, soaked in egg with a little cinnamon, grilled until golden, and slathered in butter, powdered sugar and maple syrup! Yum!!

This wasn't just a regular breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning . . .

We haven't eaten french toast as a family for years because of Henry's past food allergies (emphasis on past - - see post "Negative"). Too much egg. Instead, we'd make a sad substitute for french toast, with bread soaked in soy milk and fried in olive oil. (As I type this, I realize how bad it really was . . .)

This morning, Henry loved the french toast so much, he requested it again later for lunch and then proceeded to eat two servings in record time. To Henry, I think it tasted great. (He said, "mom, this tastes like dessert.") But, I also think he wanted to test his egg tolerance one more time . . . just to be sure all was well. And happily, all was well!! Not a single sign of an allergic reaction!!

Guess what we're having for dinner . . . ??

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