Saturday, August 21, 2010

My little tomato hoarder...

I have a vague recollection of a garden that I think I planted in spring. But, it's been hard to keep track of since it is completely drowning in weeds. Very big weeds. Like 6 foot weeds. (really!) I've never seen anything like it. But, I knew there were vegetables in there some where and I was determined to find them. . . .

So this morning, Anna and I braved the weeds and in no time, we had struck summer gold . . . or red, in our case. Tomatoes! Anna's favorite. Sweet little grape tomatoes. And, my sugar-fiend of a daughter couldn't get enough. I guess sugar, even in vegetable form, fills her craving.

So we picked handfuls, and Anna promptly claimed them for herself. "These are all mine," she said.

As a gesture of kindness, she did offer me one. But the rest were clearly hers.

Yeah, Mama isn't going to complain much . . . . Eat away, baby girl!!

In better gardening news, the herbs in my front flower beds are thriving . . . green on green on green, all amazing shades, all amazing textures, intertwined and treading on each others territory. I never use even close to all of the herbs I grow, even after sharing with everyone who I can pawn them off on. But they are so beautiful and smell amazing. Herbs are my favorite!

We found this little beauty in the garden too . . a sign of the season I guess . . .

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