Sunday, October 23, 2011

At the hip....

Earlier this summer, Anna was all mama's girl.  It's like we were joined at the hip.  Everywhere I went, so went my little girl.

"Mooommmmmm, where are you??"
"Me too. I'm coming with you, mom."
"What should we do next?"
"Here I am.  Let's go."

Of course, I knew it was just a stage....Anna needing a little extra mama attention, a little extra assurance.  And that was just fine.  But, I must admit there were moments that I wanted to dodge my little 4-year-old tail. Maybe have a moment to myself for a change....

I took these pictures to remind me of the days when Anna stayed so close. I knew the time would be fleeting.  Being the center of dear Anna's world wouldn't last forever.  And, I wanted to be sure I remembered.  All of it.



(Anna did the shoe-lining-up here. Just so she'd be ready to go...)


Funny, how just a few months have passed since I took these pictures, and things have changed already.  I think making the transition to preschool did it for Anna.  Naturally, she gained a little more independence.  A little more "big girl."  And, lately Anna seems to be as much a Papa's girl, as Mama's.

Time just keep moving along.... 

It's such a push and pull for us mom's.....of course, we want them to grow up and become who they are.  Become strong and independent and happy.  But with each milestone - from first smiles and first steps, to first days of school - well, we are acutely aware that the new milestone takes our dear one another step away from us.

And so too goes a little bit of our heart....

The letting go really happens day by day.  In the little moments.  As wonderful as it is to witness all of the new and amazing....And as big as our hearts may burst with love and pride each time we see it all - - well, it's really bittersweet too.

I guess it just comes with the job.

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