Saturday, October 8, 2011


Sometimes, there is just not enough time in the day.

Sometimes, the mama-guilt just takes over....for having to work too much. For missing my kiddos in the morning before school or during afternoon pick-ups. For making dinner on the run or spending too much time on the computer trying desperately to catch up.

It's been a few of those kind of weeks....

And, it's hard to admit this. I'm a mom after all. But (get ready....), sometimes, I just can't do it all.

There I said it.

I. Can't. Do. It. All. (but damn....I really had hoped that I could.)


Yesterday, I chatted with a dear friend (who is also a very wise mom). You know, she's right. My kids won't remember whether we baked cookies that were of the "just add an egg" variety (rather than from scratch). Instead, they'll remember that we baked. And then we ate. Together.

My kids won't remember that I didn't put up the autumn decor which would create a perfectly fall-ish home. Rather, they'll remember that we pulled out the tote with all the Halloween decorations and they put them up wherever they wanted. And that we were silly and had fun. (and, um - - that autumn decor thing - yeah, that would really never happen anyway at my house....)

My kids won't remember how long we played a board game or stayed at the park or rode bikes or painted pictures. They'll just remember that we did it.

I really needed that reminder yesterday. And, going through these pictures from the last few weeks helped too. Even if I wasn't around as much as usual, it was enough.

Despite mom's crazy schedule, there was no childhood crisis (in large part due to the papa-of-the-house!)

By the looks of it, everyone is just fine.



Lately, Anna had been begging to break out the face paints.  We started out pretty tame with a rainbow and a butterfly.  But then Anna took over.....Oh my, you should have seen the bath water that night before bed!







Henry got in on the act, too....


Anna's friend Alice was over for a play date a few weeks back, and I think Henry was as excited to hang out with her as Anna was. He kept saying, "Mom, I just love the way she laughs."




This last month, it has been enough just to be outside in the backyard.  It's been so wonderful to enjoy all of this unseasonable weather.  No time to waste. (snow pants and boots are on standby....)




My dear boy.  The other day, Henry came down the stairs, dressed in a hawaiian shirt and a tie, and said "mom, let's take some pictures.  And so we did!




And there was another play date for Anna, with her dear friend Ava.  (And for me, it was SO fun to have someone else willing to let me take photos.  Ava was a very willing subject and cute as can be!!)


(notice the chocolate milk mustaches....









So, all of this crazy-busy will be coming to an end soon.  Or at least it won't be quite as bad.  Thank goodness.

I guess these last weeks just remind me that sometimes, I need to give myself a break. Let go a little. Let go of "perfect." And, remember that the time we do have is all that much more important.

No time to waste....

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