Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thanks Chuck....

Henry has been pondering his Halloween costume for weeks now.  Well, more than pondering.  It's been closer to agonizing.  Anna has had her princess costume (surprise, surprise....) ready to go for quite some time.  And every once in awhile, she takes it out and tries it on and declares it the best costume E.V.E.R.  Of course, this sisterly act has been torture for poor, indecisive Henry.

"I just know it.  It will be Halloween, and I won't even have a costume.....And it's all your fault"

Yes, my fault (the mama).  I said no to a scary costume.  Not when you are seven.  Probably not when you are twelve (if I still have any say in the matter.)  And my dear Henry, rebelling against my scary costume veto, has been making me pay for it every time the discussion came up....

Police Officer?  No.
Rock Star?  No.
Mad scientist?  No.
Astronaut?  No. No. No.

For some reason, Henry had his heart set on this zombie-mummy-skateboarder dude.  But, too bad.  I wasn't giving in.  So we all agonized together.  That is, until I had a mama flash of inspiration.

How about a basketball player?

"YES!!  YES!!  YES!!!" said the second-grader.   Bulls-eye!

You see, Henry is ALL about basketball these days.  He loved a mini-camp this summer, and he CAN'T wait to start a winter skills class ("mom, it starts in only 22 days.")  So, even though there isn't much to a basketball player costume, it just fit for him.  Henry was all over it.  And he only had one request:  "mom, I need squeaky shoes."

Enter: Chuck Taylor's. 


I brought the "squeaky shoes" home this afternoon, and Henry didn't take them off all day.

When I tucked him into bed tonight, I found his new Chucks at the foot of his bed.  Ready to slip right back on in the morning.

Score one for mama ingenuity.

Score one for second-grade enthusiasm.

I love myself a good "win-win!"

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