Friday, February 11, 2011

Pleased to meet you...

Today, Anna's dear friend Emily came over for a playdate.  As we were getting ready to go and pick Emily up, Anna said, "Mama, Emily doesn't know Grandma Anne.  When Emily gets here, I will say 'Emily, this is Grandma Anne.  Grandma Anne, this is Emily.' How's that?"

Perfect, I said.


Anna's comment brought me back twenty years.  I distinctly (distinctly!) remember the first time I introduced one friend to another friend.  It was my freshman year of college.  Most everyone up to that point in my life was someone I had always known.  It wasn't until college that I really started meeting people outside of my family or community.

Not so for Anna.  And she is three. 

Of course, much of this is because her family lives in both Minnesota and Oregon.  But still.  It just struck me....

Regardless of the formalities, Anna and Emily had a great time. As usual. 

And Grandma Anne and Emily?  Well, they were properly introduced to one another.  (thank you very much.)


Oh those freckles...


So Grandma Anne's visit to Minnesota is going so quickly.  She's only here for 4 more days.  And the worst part is that I've barely taken a picture of her with the kids (which was my big intention for her two week stay.)  But tomorrow is my big day....

We're going BOWLING..... Oh yeah.

Somehow bowling has become our "Grandma Anne is visiting" tradition.  So, bowling shoes and greasy (but oh-so-good) food, here we come. 

And oh yes, there will be pictures. 

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  1. What a fun little playdate. Great portraits and I love the catchlights in their eyes.