Sunday, February 13, 2011


Okay, really.  How does this happen.....


This is the 3rd (THIRD!) pair of pants that Henry has worn a hole in the knee in two weeks.  And he's grown two inches since September. 

At this rate, he'll have nothing left but shorts to wear to school in March.  (Come to think of it, Henry would probably love that!)

But despite having to buy a few new pairs of jeans, I am so SO grateful that Henry is still little enough to crawl into my lap. To hold my hand. To call me "mommy" sometimes. To sit on the floor and play games with me all evening. I know these moments won't last. I know what is ahead. And I'm sure what is ahead will have it's mommy perks too. But, oh how I appreciate this sweet little boy right now, ripped jeans and all.


So I wasn't going to post any Anna pictures today. She is a blog-monopolizer! (show-off!) But darn, these were just too cute.

Bath time this morning....





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  1. First off...the composition and dof in this shot are really well thought out. Great picture. Second...I have too much experience with this. It's a no win situation. Cut the pants at the knee to start his summer wardrobe.