Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday diversion...

After all my Saturday sadness, I wanted to fill this post with the wonder and loveliness and beauty in my life that I am so grateful for.  Everyday.

So, here is my Sunday.  No commentary necessary.  (well okay... maybe just a little.)

In short, it was a fabulous day with my beloved family.



Anna and I made whole-grain waffles with blueberries....





And Henry made Lego creations.  Lots of them!




My wild child!







Anna's favorite game (next to "chase me") is "find me." We play at least 3-4 times a day.  Lucky thing is she hides in the same place every single time.  And, in spite of the game playing out exactly the same every single time, she is thrilled to play over and over and over again. 




The Super Bowl festivities started early today.  Ray has been a long time Packer fan and Henry has inherited the green and gold gene. 

The first words out of Henry's mouth this morning were "Go Packer's."


Anna wanted me to put snow on the Super Bowl menu.  It is, after all, one of her 4 main food groups (along with sugar, all dairy products and pickles).


Henry has been planning a green and gold football menu for a week.  Broccoli was even on the list for awhile, but then he thought better of it.  "Healthy" just didn't seem very Super-Bowl-ish.  On the other hand, cupcakes with lots of sugar, food coloring and preservatives....

Mmmmm, football perfection!


Even though she was upset that snow didn't make it on the party menu, Anna relented and ate a cupcake anyway.  But, I think it was just for my sake.  I'm sure she hated every bite.


Upon arrival, Henry handed everyone a Packer hat to wear for the game.


Ray asked me to take this shot of my dad.  With that Packer hat on, the photo may be used for blackmail purposes at some point.  (Dad, you can't say I didn't warn you!)

Henry was so excited about the Super Bowl, that his hat kept flying off of his head.  Really.


Anna wasn't quite sure about all this football stuff.  But, she was totally up for a party.  For her, it never really matters why.  She is my little socialite!!

(I think this is my new favorite shot of her.  SO Anna!)


It really was a lovely day, and a welcomed diversion from the past few weeks.  For all of us.


  1. what wonderful shots! i have such a hard time catching the spontaneous family moments like this. you've done just such a wonderful job. and the light -- my goodness, the light! just gorgeous. love it!

  2. you captured your day in such a lovely way... so glad you had a Packer theme going ;) you have such wonderful light and your pics are so crystal clear... just wondering how you do this. still trying to master this type of spontaneous photography. just lovely.

  3. These comments nailed what I've been so drawn to in your pictures. The crystal clear light. I wish I could get shots like this of my children. Try as I may, I feel like I live in a cave. I don't get very much natural light in my home. I wish I could pick up my house an turn it, because the sun is passing by the wrong way. I get blurry, yellow shots in my house and I've been so discouraged with my day-to-day activity photos. Any tips?

  4. I agree about the light in your pictures, your clarity is wonderful. Are you feeling better? I hope things don't seem quite so bad now. These really are lovely shots, they tell of a really happy family day.