Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brian, Erica and Sugar....

Another first for me today....a morning photo session, and there wasn't a kid in sight.  Just Sugar!


This is Erica and Brian. Sugar is their 4 year old pit bull, and I'm smitten!


Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not much of an animal person.  I really like other people's pets, but just not in my house. Nothing personal.  A family pet just hasn't been my thing.  So, to be smitten....well, Sugar had to be quite the dog.

I know, I know.....we only spent a short hour together, but sometimes, you just know these things....


Erica and Brian have had Sugar ever since they started fostering dogs about a year and a half ago.  Sugar was their first customer.  Clearly, they were smitten too, and Sugar became part of their family.

Erica and Brian continue to foster dogs, and from what I understand, Sugar makes everyone feel right at home.


For years now, Henry has been asking for a dog. Ray and I have been less (!) than enthused.  We've shrugged Henry off, telling him we'll discuss it when he is seven.

Um....guess who turns seven this year???

Seriously, if we could find a dog like Sugar, I think I'd consider it.  (did I just write that??)  I'll even admit that when I got home from this session, I googled "pit bull as a family pet." Turns out, at the beginning of the 20th century, the pit bull was the most popular family dog.  With a kind upbringing and firm hand, these dogs are as gentle and loving as a Golden Retriever.  (no, we're not getting a dog anytime soon.  I'm just saying.....)


I told Erica and Brian that Sugar has clearly set the bar very high for any future pet photo sessions I may have.  She was just so sweet and calm.  And she posed for the camera like she had her picture taken everyday.  I think Sugar even smiled once. (might have been for that treat though....)


Oh yeah, did I mention that Erica and Brian were pretty fabulous too.  :)




So, I've totally gone on and on....It was just so much fun.  Again, thank you Brian and Erica.  It was great to meet you both.  I can't wait to show you the rest of the pictures.


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  1. gorgeous pictures and right on about Sugar! not sure about Erica and Brian though, hi hi!

  2. Wonderful photos! The dog photos are beautiful. Great job, Debra.

  3. Gorgeous photos. Every single one.

    Maria (picture class)

  4. Lovely! Your exposure in the snow is right on!

  5. Love these pictures. My brother and Erica are great and I would agree with your thoughts on Sugar, she is the best dog I have ever known :)