Thursday, March 10, 2011

Misfit favorites....

This past month, since I started taking pictures again regularly, I've become a lousy blogger.  And a rotten mommy-photographer.  I'm lucky to fit in one or two blog posts a week. And suddenly, I'm not taking pictures of my kids nearly as often.  But, I vow to change that.  I took a bunch today and will post those soon.  I also signed up for "Picture Inspiration" (so excited!) but I haven't taken a single prompt shot either.  Maybe I can catch up this weekend....

In the meantime, I wanted to show a few pictures from some of my recent sessions that didn't make it into the original post. Even through some are out of focus or the color is off, there is still something that I really like about each one.  Or for some, I just didn't see them the first go round, but loved them on a second look.  Regardless, each of them seem real to me.  Honest.  Full of life.  "Misfits" in the best possible way..... (Of course, not the people.  Just the photos!)  

Here is a perfect example.  Obviously this is out of focus, but I love Anthony's expression.  He was so alert the day we took photos.  Watching everything.  And this shot just epitomized that for me.


I love the street that Brian and Erica live on.  All of these beautiful brick buildings, wrought iron gates. Narrow streets with snow piled high.  Great character.  And how cool is that street lamp?


Again, completely blurred.  The camera focused on the falling snow rather than my subjects.  But I love it. "Dreamy," as my sister-in-law would say.  And, I love the way Sugar is looking at Brian and Erica. The picture feels comfortable and familiar to me.


These next few were just shots I liked even more during my second look at all the pictures we took of Taylor and Abby.  In this one, I love Abby's hair framing her face, and the light coming in from the window on the left.


I love this moment. 


I have a whole series of shots with Abby putting on every piece of jewelry she owned.  And trust me, she had plenty!  There is just something about this one in particular.  Her gaze maybe.  The blurred background.  All the bright necklaces. Whatever it is...I just liked it. 


And these next two....well, there were just so many darn cute pictures of Brennan, that I couldn't fit them all into my first blog post.  Here are another couple.


Be still my mama heart....


I'm so grateful to everyone this past month for their time and good looks!!

And with sessions booked through June, I can't wait to see what is next.

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