Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ben, Sandra and Brennan....

Brennan just turned one, and he is still celebrating!


You probably remember this little guy from a few months back. (check out the post here).  It's amazing how much changes during that first year. Brennan is now mobile (although not quite walking) and oh-so-curious!


He really is all action and all personality.  In a word: ADORABLE!! 


Brennan still loves the family tortoises, especially when he can get up close and personal.....



This next picture just says "hip mama" to me.  And Sandra is just that. (I think this is one of my favorites from the day.  But then again, there were lots of favorites!! I love it when that happens.)


Brennan's mom and dad have a huge comic book collection in their basement.  And Brennan, donned in his Spider-man tee, had the chance to play with a prized Captain America figure, just for the shoot.....


Brennan: "Oh, so you dare to ask "Spider-man vs. Captain America?" Shocking!!"

I think Brennan has an opinion on this matter....

According to one online poll I found (and trust me, there are MANY!), one comic fan says: "There's no contest. Spider-man would win simply because his superhuman traits outmatch Captain America's peaked-but-limited human abilities."

Considering Brennan is trying to EAT Captain America, I'd say he agrees....


Since it wasn't 10 below (for a change), we went outside for a few more shots.




After all of that smiling and posing, this little guy was ready for a nap!  (love that tummy!)


Sandra and Ben, thank you for being my first repeat customers!! Once again, I am completely charmed by dear Brennan. I can't wait to show you more!! (and trust me, there are MANY more!!)


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