Saturday, October 23, 2010

A good morning...

This is Brennan. He is 8 months old.

Adorable doesn't begin to describe this little guy. Really.

Sandra and Ben are his mom and dad. I've known Sandra through work for the past few years. She was actually one of the very first people from work that I told about my new "hobby." I just had an inkling that Sandra would understand my new creative urge. I knew she was a writer, but I've since learned that she draws as well. She gets it.... Plus, she just started a brand new business venture of her own. (I am so inspired by her!)

And, you have to see her light up when she talks about Brennan. This is one lucky little guy!

So, when I asked, I was hopeful that she'd humor me with some photos...To my great fortune, she did!

This is the family tortoise (one of 3!) I love Brennan's expression. As if to say "yeah man, I've got a tortoise. It's cool..."

This may be one of my favorite pictures of the morning...

Not even a year old, and Brennan is a budding pianist. He pounds the keys quite dramatically, and then looks up with this amazing grin, ready for mom and dad's applause and adoration. And of course, he gets plenty of both. (well deserved, I might add...)

Sandra and Ben, you were so kind to let me spend an hour with you this morning! These photos are just a few of my favorites. More to come.

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