Friday, October 1, 2010

Chicago baby...

Ray and I are off on our long weekend in Chicago. (yippee!)

I love a good road trip. Always have. And this one, this getaway for Ray and I, is long overdue.

The last time Ray and I had more than a night away from the kids was before Anna was born. Henry was a year and a half, and we went to Mexico for 5 days. We’re really due for this time alone together. And, I could really care less what we do. Dinner (order in or go out…) Maybe a movie (a few really good ones are out this weekend). Uninterrupted conversations. Sleeping late. (8 a.m. would be a dream come true!) My guess is that we won’t really see much of the city, but that’s beside the point. I just want time alone with my husband. All to myself!!

So, back to the road trip: I’ve been planning for weeks. (surprised, huh?) I saved up magazines from the last month in anticipation of the long drive. I brought along lots of projects and lists. (I’m working on Christmas gift lists right now, hoping to have ALL my shopping done again this year by Halloween). I have two books along that I’ve wanted to read for ages. (I probably won’t even open either book, but it feels good to know that I could if I wanted to). And today, I even have the advantage of a laptop. (I’m typing now as Ray is driving).

I’ve also been taking pictures along the way. Even I-90 holds some fast-moving roadside photo ops.

So, we’re off. The kids will have a ball this weekend with Aunt Annie and Grandma and Grandpa, and hopefully I’ll learn amazing things at my workshop. (I must say though, despite my excitement for our time away, thank goodness I don’t have to pack for the kids very often. Holy hannah, that was a project!)

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