Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dance, dance, dance...

I stopped by my mom and dad's house today. My mom passed along a card and a CD that Annie had left for Henry and Anna before she flew off to Rwanda.

When the kids got home this afternoon, we turned up the music in the kitchen, and I read the card to the kids:
Henry and Anna,
When I was little and your mom was in Alaska, I missed her so much. But, she made tapes of music for me that I listened to all the time. It made me feel better to know that she was thinking of me. Listen to these songs and think of me, and I will listen and think of you two. Most importantly, sing as loud as you can and dance, dance, dance! I love you both to the moon and the stars! Love, Aunt Annie

So, as instructed (and with joy), we danced...

And danced...

And danced...

All around the kitchen. For the entire 54 minutes of the CD.

(well, mostly Anna danced and I took pictures. Henry danced for a few minutes before I pulled out the camera, watched for awhile longer, and then took off downstairs. He is in first grade, afterall...)

As each new song came on, I teared up, knowing exactly why Annie chose it. After the 3rd song - - and the 3rd bout of crying, Anna stopped dancing, looked straight at me and said "Mom, if you cry, my friends won't come over anymore."

Okay, okay. I get it!!! Geeesshhh!

So....we will dance, dance, dance and sing loudly. We will celebrate and learn about new places and new people. We will think of Annie all the time, and send her love all the way to Rwanda. We will share our love here, with those near and dear. Everyday.

And, as I promised you Anna, I will do my best not to cry. I certainly do not want to be responsible for your social demise at the tender young age of three!


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