Saturday, October 9, 2010

Seeing in a whole new way...

One of the things I've appreciated most about taking pictures "more seriously" is that I'm starting to see things around me in a different way. With fresh eyes. In a way that seeks out the beauty in the everyday, the usual, the familiar. I'm looking...really looking in a whole new way.

This was clear to me this morning....

This is Whitney. She is a junior this year. We met today to take "practice" pictures before her senior year.

I've known Whitney for nearly three years. She went to Tonya's (our former daycare provider) after school every day. I pretty much saw Whitney four days a week. She is sweet as can be, and my kids really looked up to her. But I must admit that I never really saw Whitney. (of course this has nothing to do with her, but is all about me and my disconnect. I rush through my day, going from this task to the next and I just don't stop. I just don't allow myself to be...)

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to see Whitney through my lens. And to just spend some real time with her, beyond a quick hello and goodbye. I had no idea that she is an aspiring artist and photographer herself. She is fun and she is funny, in an understated and very smart sort-of-way. And to my surprise, she was really comfortable in front of the camera (or if she wasn't, she faked it really well!)

Oh, and in case you haven't noticed . . . she is beautiful!!

Thank you Whitney. I can't wait until "Practice, Part II" in spring!!

And this is Mariah, Whitney's sister. She is in sixth grade this year and she came along to join in the fun.

Since there are no free-loaders while I take pictures (ha!), I put Mariah straight to work - -

When we were taking pictures in the street, Mariah yelled "car!" to warn us. When we were taking pictures under a big oak tree, Mariah yelled "leaves" as they fell on top of us. If a flock of birds had flown overhead, I am sure that Mariah would have yelled an appropriate warning as well....

And not only was she mighty handy to have around, she was pretty darn cute herself!

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  1. I like the first and second pictures the most, but they all look cool! Looking foward to the next "photo shoot". :)