Sunday, October 3, 2010


I just finished the two day workshop with Audrey Woulard, and I'm overwhelmed. I had no idea what to expect from a workshop like this. No idea. And it was plain fabulous. I am so fortunate to have learned from one of the best in the industry. Especially just as I'm beginning to learn. Audrey spoke (candidly) about everything from technique and editing, to marketing and branding. She was honest and funny and real. And she takes photos that simply take your breath away! (check out her galleries)

I also met amazing women, many of whom are already established photographers from across the country. (there was so much to learn from everyone!) And, I had a chance to practice my newly found skills with some of the cutest kids, who didn't mind posing for 10 cameras all at once.

At the end of the workshop, we had private 1x1's with Audrey. I showed her the pictures that I had taken this weekend, and she really liked them. REALLY LIKED THEM!! Talk about icing on the cake!

This is Amanda, one of the women attending the workshop who modeled for us at one point this morning. You can see downtown Chicago in the background. This is as close as Ray & I got to the city. It was a busy weekend, so we didn't make very good tourists. Regardless, it was really great to have this time with Ray. Wonderful, in fact. We need to plan another trip soon - - or at least not in 4 years, like it's been since our last get-away.

Here are a shots from the weekend. (now I only hope I can duplicate this work when I get home!!)

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