Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Safe and sound...

My sister Annie made it to Rwanda. AND SHE IS FINE. Actually, much more than fine.

(that whooshing sound you hear outside your door is not the crazy wind. It is my entire family breathing a huge sigh of relief!!!!!!)

Despite all the last-minute tears and inevitable doubts (OMG, what have I done???), Annie had a relatively uneventful 36 hour trip, from Minneapolis to Philadelphia to Brussels to Kigali. And, although it is not nearly enough for our insatiable taste (we are dying to hear every detail), she has already sent us an email, posted on her blog and called my mom this morning. (a nine minute conversation - - not that we're counting).

Here are a few Annie quotes to date:

From her email: It's beautiful here, hard to describe. There are hills everywhere and all the buildings are built right on them. Everything is very green. The weather this morning was beautiful, about 75 and sunny. It feels real now and I'm just so excited. I know I'm going to fall in love with this country!

And from her blog post: This has been the most amazing experience already! We have been staying in Kigali and have had a lot of basic orientation. We are staying at a conference center and aren’t allowed to leave on our own but we are able to walk around the city with one of our teachers. It was easily one of the best experiences of my life!

Of course, I miss her terribly already, but I can't explain the overwhelming relief I feel knowing that she is okay.... That she is fine. Happy. Safe. Excited. Overwhelmed. So very "in her element."

(Funny how the heartbreak from just a few days ago, can so quickly transform into something so joyful!!)

Although I'm sure Annie will send/post photos of her own soon, I found these Rwandan pictures on the web for a little reference (my apologies to the photographers who I am stealing from...)

Trip to Africa, anyone?? (seriously.)

In honor of Annie's safe arrival, I made a blog button for her. See "The Long Way Around" over on the right, under the INSPIRED heading. Click to go to her blog. Annie sounds pretty occupied at the moment, but promises she will start blogging soon. (And, I certainly hope so! I'm wearing out the refresh button on my computer, checking her blog every ten minutes, as I desperately hope for an update!


Since I was on a roll yesterday, I made my very first blog button too. (also on the right). I doubt it will get much use, but I at least wanted to practice my new blog button making skills. And, if anyone happens to be in need of a blog button, just let me know! With two under my belt, I'm now a self-proclaimed expert!

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