Monday, October 18, 2010

The long way around...

My sister Annie left for the Peace Corps early this morning. I am over-the-moon proud of her and I support her unconditionally. And in my heart, I know that she knows this. But, of course, I am so very sad, too (like a-puddle-on-the-floor sad). So much will happen over the next 2 1/2 years while she is gone . . .

My new mantra: different is not less. It is just different. We will learn new ways to stay as close as ever. That is my commitment to her.

(Earlier today, Henry - my first-grader - showed Grandma and I how to use a webcam "for a little face to face with Aunt Annie." I guess he is ready for different too!!)

Annie started a blog to document her experience. She calls it "The Long Way Around." Now, I'm just hoping and praying that she will have electricity and (could we be so lucky??) an internet connection. Oh please, please, please....

My dear sister, we're sending you with all the love we have to give. 7,000 miles has nothing on us!!

This is for you sweetheart... Let your amazing adventure begin!!

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