Friday, October 15, 2010

Impulse buy...

On Wednesday, I was on the B&H Photo site. This is where I've always bought all of my camera equipment. I want to start shooting in RAW, but first I really needed to buy a bigger CF card for my camera., I'm not sure how it happened. The afternoon is a bit of a blur. But before I knew it, I bought this.

This little beauty is a Canon 50 mm f1.4 lens. (I'm so excited!!)

Now, I'm not one to make an impulse buy. Ever. (Really.) Rather, I research and think and look and shop and sleep on it (for days) and then maybe I buy. Or maybe I wait a little longer and put it on a list somewhere and research some more.

But not on Wednesday. It was impulse all the way.... And I was so excited I even shipped 2nd day air. SECOND DAY AIR!!! (That's another thing about me: I am always a free shipping girl. I will patiently wait 18 days for my package to arrive by horse and buggy, if it means that I don't have to pay $6.95 in shipping).

It was a crazy Wednesday.

I must admit that I've thought about buying this lens, just not anytime soon. But, ever since Audrey Woulard's workshop, I've only been using my 50 mm 1.8 lens on my camera. The "nifty-fifty." It is a good entry level prime lens for the money. But it is pretty limited too. So I figured if I want to take my photography seriously, then my lens needs to be a little more serious too.

Now I've promised myself (and Ray!) that I would exercise restraint, and I wouldn't start buying camera equipment like crazy, at least until I (maybe) someday start bringing in an income with my pictures. Therefore, there are no "L-series" lenses in my future for quite some time. (Those range in the neighborhood of a cool $2,000 each!) But, I could justify this lens. It's quality really is leaps above the nifty-fifty, and not a huge expense compared to the L-series. So, I leapt. No second guessing. No regrets!!

My package arrived today. (I love that second day air - - who knew??).

Anna let me snap these a few minutes ago. Maybe an impulse buy now and again isn't a bad thing after all...

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