Thursday, September 30, 2010


It was such a beautiful day today. I'm amazed at how warm the sun feels, once you've adjusted to the cooler autumn air...

After dinner, we headed out to the backyard. Who knows how long these warm evenings will last.

Aunt Annie is at our house for a sleepover tonight, and then she is spending the weekend at mom and dad’s with the kids when Ray and I are in Chicago. (for my workshop with Audrey Woulard - I can't wait!!).

I love seeing the kids with Aunt Annie. I know this is the subject of half my posts lately, but they really have a relationship with her unlike with anyone else. She “gets” them. She shows such genuine interest in them. And, the kids know it.

I swear Anna jumped up and down for 20 minutes straight when Annie first arrived. She was just so darn excited!!

(Anna calls this "spider swinging.")

Yesterday after Henry and I went on our bike ride, we had a long chat about Aunt Annie leaving soon. We really hadn’t talked about it much up to this point. He was sad, but had more questions than anything. (How long will she be gone? Where is Rwanda? What will she do there? Where will she live? Who will drive her car? Can we call her on the phone? etc. etc.)

Today, he asked Annie several times “Why do you have to go so far away?” A hard question for Annie. An honest question for Henry. It’s a lot for him to process. I’m glad they’ll have this weekend together, to try and find some answers to those questions, and just to have fun together.

So, Annie and I aren’t sitting around staring at each other…but our time together certainly has a different feel to it. More immediate. Like everything counts. A lot.

She leaves two weeks from Monday, and we know our time is short.

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