Friday, September 17, 2010


This morning, Anna didn't want to get dressed. This is nothing new. If she had her choice, she would be naked or in her underwear all day long, regardless if it is 90 degrees or 25 below outside. (It makes Ray and I shudder a little, with visions of a "Girls Gone Wild" nightmare 15 years from now...)

Since it was a "stay home" day (meaning Ray was home from school and I worked from home), Anna didn't go to daycare. Instead, she ran around the house in her princess underwear and a t-shirt until late morning. I guess this is the Anna-equivalent of staying in her PJ's until noon. But at 11 a.m., it was still chilly in the house (at least by my standards), and simply time to get dressed....

Anna had spent most of her under-dressed morning dancing and prancing around the family room as Ray and I worked. In an attempt to avoid another epic "getting dressed" battle, I offered to find Anna a "twirly" dress, "to further enhance her dancing and prancing experience." I didn't think she'd bite (since underwear days are quite difficult for her to give up), but the dress did it and she eagerly agreed!

Great! Now, I had to ante-up and find a dress that fit the "twirly" bill. Not an easy task. Twirly just isn't the Pexa/Cox style. But fortunately I found a hand-me-down dress that I had tucked away for next summer.

Anna immediately loved it. LOVED IT!! And, she hasn't stopped twirling since.... Really. Hasn't stopped. She twirled to lunch, and twirled to the van to pick up Henry from school. And twirled at the grocery store. Once again... mama rocks!! It really was a perfect dress for the task at hand. Anna has declared that she will sleep in the dress tonight, and may in fact, never take it off....

I may just sock it way as an anecdote for her next "underwear-only" day.

(I wonder if this dress comes in a "size-eighteen-years-old??")

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