Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day reprise . . .

9:10 a.m.
It is another day of firsts at the Pexa/Cox household . . . . Anna started her new daycare today. Since our beloved Tonya left daycare and is teaching again, we were fortunate enough to find Tami.

As with all "firsts" in our family, we had to take some pictures this morning.

Breakfast for the busy girl on the go . . .

I think Tami is a great fit for us, and Anna has been very excited to start. We've been doing lots of preparing, getting a new backpack, talking about circle time and new friends. She was about as ready as she could possibly be . . .

Up to this point, there wasn't an inkling of sadness or fear from Anna. We were good when we arrived at Tami's, and Anna took off her shoes, and hung up her coat. But then reality started sinking in. Mom was leaving, and these people were all strangers. Strangers!! They were sure to become friends, but right now . . . .

I picked Anna up to give her a hug, and she knew exactly what was coming. I could hear her muffled crying, as she buried her face in my shoulder. And, I was getting the Anna-death-grip. Tami told me to let me know when I was ready . . . .

I gave Anna one more hug, and passed her over to Tami. (Don't stop mama . . . don't look back.)

Henry and I left to sounds of Anna crying. God, I hate those moments. Obviously for Anna, but for me too. Talk about having to trust a stranger with your most precious . . . But, call it mama instinct, I do trust Tami. And now, as of this morning, she is officially part of our extended family.

So (deep breath) Henry and I drove off. I knew Anna would be fine. This moment was inevitable.

10:19 a.m.
So, I just called Tami to check in. It's been almost two hours and I couldn't wait any longer . . . All good news!! Anna cried for about five minutes and sat on Tami's lap for another 10. She hung close to Tami for an hour total, but now Anna is playing with all the other kids, just as if she had been at Tami's all along.

I am dancing-on-the-moon happy!! Such relief! I've been thinking about this day since Tonya told us she was quitting so many months ago. Now it is over, and we can move on and all enjoy the great year ahead.

Here's to another fabulous first day!!

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