Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The apple and the tree...

Henry starts first grade today and he couldn't be more excited. Not a bit of nervousness or apprehension. He just can't wait!

I'm so over-the-moon proud of him.

Henry's excitement is not usually demonstrated with jump around, bounce off the walls enthusiasm, and this morning was no different. Rather, he was quiet and reflective, but his eyes were shining with the anticipation of the day. He couldn't wipe the grin off of his face, as he talked non-stop about his classroom, and riding the bus with Josh, and gym class, and the library and, and, and . . . . This is his "thinking-sort-of-excitement.

Weeks before today, I know that he has been processing how this day would be, and how the year will go. Without a doubt, he's ready.

As the bus pulled up and Henry ran to get on, Anna almost made a mad dash after him. Had I not intervened, I think she would have followed him all the way to first grade (mind you, dressed in her red and pink pajamas and her pink kitty rain boots). But, her big day is tomorrow - a new daycare. And fortunately, I think she is ready too!

After Henry left, Anna lamented on how much she'd miss Henry today. But she recounted what he had told her earlier during breakfast, "Henry will be back in this many hours. Then I can give my best brother a big hug!"

What a fabulous first day of school . . . .

Last night, as he was falling asleep, Henry said "good day tomorrow . . . good day all year . . . " Then he laughed and said "Mom, remember to write that down. I don't want to forget."

Neither do I, Henry!!

As they say, the apple doesn't fall from the tree!

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  1. This is sooo sweet! I love that he wanted you to "write that down" and that he has such a great attitude! (Found you through Tracey Clark's blog, FYI.)