Saturday, September 11, 2010

At the center...

When Henry started preschool, I had a stark realization. He might actually have to interact with people outside our immediate family. It came as quite a shock.

I'm joking of course, but at that point in Henry's life, I started giving A LOT of thought to who he might be friends with and how I could influence those decisions.

Enter Josh! (this is Josh).

Josh was a little boy in our neighborhood who Henry had a chance to play with on occasion. And, after spending kindergarten in the same class last year, Josh and Henry became best little friends. (a fact they reiterate to one another a half dozen times each time they get together). Could I be any happier???

Josh is the 3rd of 4 boys in this fabulous family . . . . Dad (Justin) and mom (Criss) are kind and generous and fun. And despite life's ups and downs, they clearly put their family and their faith at the center of everything they do. (yup, my kind of people!)

Tonight, Justin and Criss and their 4 beautiful boys let me take some pictures at their house for an hour or so I'm sure they had much better things to do around dinner time (like eat dinner . . . these are boys after all). But instead, they let me take a few shots. Darn, they were just so cute.

I can't imagine what life is like for Criss as mom to this amazing brood of men! I'm sure she is Queen of the Castle (and by default, queen of laundry and dinner and transportation, and, and, and...) This year, the boys are in 4 (FOUR!) different schools. Try juggling that schedule...! But despite busy craziness, together she and Justin are raising wonderful young men. All you have to do is spend a few minutes around these boys, and you just know they are in a home surrounded by strong sense of values and unconditional love!

Thanks again to all of you! I had a ball tonight!! And, after seeing these pictures when I got home (and being mad at me for not taking him along), Henry wants to know when Josh can come over and play....

Anytime, I say!!

This is where we originally thought we would take pictures tonight. But the light was too strong when we started. Then the mosquito's came out in force. I'm sure dinner was calling and stomachs were rumbling too. Maybe another time....

(Criss, give me a call if you ever want to try and perfect that "all-family" shot. I'd be over in 5 minutes with camera in hand!!)

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