Wednesday, September 29, 2010


When I began this blog in January, my idea was simply to track my 101 in 1001 list. That seems SO long ago. Sixty-eight (68!) posts later, and the blog has taken on a life of its own…A direction I never would have imagined. And I’m so excited with how it has evolved. Ecstatic, actually. But, staying true to my original intent, I figured I at least owed myself a 101 in 1001 progress report. And surprisingly, I have quite a few updates to add...

1. Monthly date night: so we haven’t found a new babysitter yet, and I hate bugging my mom and dad all the time. But Ray and I have gone on dates probably about every other month. All things considered, I’ll take that.

4. Pexa/Cox family credo: created. Living by it: work in progress.

5. Update our list of family rules: check! (getting the kids involved: yup! Enforcing with consistency: do I hear my mother calling me??? Sorry, gotta go…)

8. Keep a kids journal: in many ways, my “Everyday Gratitude” has become my kid journal. That's about all I can keep up with!

9. Intentionally photograph the kids at least once per month for a year: check (and then some). Although I do need to get some of the kids together. Might be quite the challenge!

Health and Fitness
Um…yeah…No health and fitness goals to report on. A far cry from my tri-training days just a year ago. And it shows. I hate that!!

17. Really evaluate what I am passionate about in my life: in progress.

18. Create a mastermind / goal-setting group and participate fully: I LOVE JULD!! (my monthly solace with wise and very dear friends!!)

22. Develop a plan to learn children’s and family documentary portraiture and implement: every spare minute…Can't wait for my workshop with Audrey Woulard this weekend.

Spiritual / Inner!
24. Start a gratitude journal as a blog and write in it everyday for a year: check! I’m amazed at how this simple exercise has made such an impact on my daily outlook.

30. Clean and organize the kid’s closets. about half done. The August garage sale made a HUGE dent!! It felt so good to find a little closet breathing space!

Community / Greater Good
37. Make bill paying as paperless as possible: I went nearly all paperless, but then worried that I was missing bills, particularly those that didn’t send an automatic email notice. So, now I still get a few by mail. A good balance. I much prefer the peace of mind knowing everything is paid on time!

46. Develop two new good friendships with people who live nearby: one down, one to go.

House and Home
49. Share fresh flowers from my cutting garden with someone once a week all summer long: my intentions were good, but my garden drowned in weeds and barely produced a bloom. I’ll try again next year.

53. Continue to maintain all gardens organically: Yes, but the weeds were so out of control that I barely got anything out of the garden. I think I need to rethink my strategy for next year.

55. Make a sunflower house with the kids: we planted, we weeded, we mowed, and we grew huge sunflowers. But, the sunflowers were so big, that there wasn’t room left to play. Again, we’ll rethink this one next summer.

56. Build a fire pit: built, but remains unused. I’m still not sure how the summer escaped us without a single bonfire. Maybe a nice autumn blaze??

63. Go on a long weekend trip with Ray to Chicago: yes, yes, yes!! We leave on Friday morning. I will attend my photography workshop (!!) on Saturday and part of Sunday, but we’ll have the rest of the time together, including Monday for ourselves. 3 whole nights without Anna snoring between us!!

66. Go camping in 4 state parks: Jay Cooke State Park with my family in July. Fun was had by all.

Fun For All Of Us
77. Go to a Twins game at Target Field: Henry, Ray and I enjoyed a beautiful evening with the Twins in August. Great game. Great fun!!

90. Start my own successful / sustainable business: working on it!!

94. Build HSA account to a minimum of $6,000 at the end of a calendar year: I was well on my way. Then my root canal and subsequent crown derailed the momentum. $3,000 later, and we’re building the fund all over again. Oh well, at least we had the HSA to fall back on!

95. Sell clothes and “stuff” on Craig’s list or Ebay and use proceeds to buy all birthday and holiday gifts during one year: the summer garage sale gave me a great jumpstart towards the goal. I also have lots of clothes photographed and ready to post on CL or Ebay. But, I just haven’t set it up yet. It is so much work and I’m not sure it is worth it. Another garage sale in a year or two might be the better way to go. (and more fun too!!)

101. Take portraits of Grandpa Pexa:
check. But, I’d like to try again.

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