Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fresh produce, doughnuts and history...

We enjoyed a fabulous morning at the Mill City Farmer's Market and the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, all on the banks of the Mississippi River. We had to pull out long pants and coats for the outing, considering that it was 94 degrees just 5 days ago, and this morning it was only 62 degrees. But, with the sun shining bright, it felt festive and fall-ish. Perfect!

What does every three year-old goes to a farmer's market for?? Doughnuts!!
(at least they were made with fresh Minnesota apple cider!)

I could have stayed for hours to take pictures. Instead, I snapped on the sly, as I ushered Henry and Anna through the crowds. But, with so many lovely sights, I still got a few. The colors were stunning!!

We all loved the Mill City Museum after the farmer's market. Henry was so intrigued with the history, that we googled the mill for an hour tonight, just looking for more information.

Henry and Grandma Anne. I cherish the time they get to spend together!!

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