Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lessons learned...

This is Sophie. She is four.

I've known Sophie since she was born, but only through her mom's stories. Her mom Jen and I have become dear friends over the years, but I've never had the opportunity to meet Sophie until yesterday.

After a long day of work (on a Saturday no less), Sophie was an absolute breath of fresh air. She is all personality, and cute as can be.

This was the first time I was taking pictures of someone who didn't know me, and frankly I was a little nervous about it. But, Sophie put me right at ease. (Funny how a 4-year-old can do that!) She is sweet and smart and fun and SO had much to tell me.

Miss Ava is Sophie's baby sister. She was a little sleepy when I arrived, and was off to nap-land soon after. But, I still got a few cute shots. Ava was all smiles, especially with a little coaxing from dad.

Every time I take pictures, I learn a little more. (well in my case, a lot more, considering my learning curve is straight UP...) And this time was no different.

Yesterday's big lessons came courtesy of Sophie...

We were taking pictures in the front yard, and things were going along swimmingly. Sophie was posing and smiling and playing, and I just snapped away. Before we went to explore the backyard, I wanted to get a few pictures of Sophie on the front steps. So, I asked her to have a seat on the bottom step. She came over and plopped down just where I had asked her too....which was right in the middle of a mini-puddle of water.

Sophie stood up, looked right at me, and burst into tears. It seems that I had caused a mini-puddle on the back of her most-favorite-flowery-pants-ever. My heart sank...But after a few consoling words from mom, Sophie recovered in a flash. She was brave, and knew that pictures must go on...

Jen and Sophie retreated to the house for a quick wardrobe change, and returned with blue polka dots. My favorite!

Her new ensemble also included this adorable pair of sparkly shoes. (Sophie, I learned, is quite the 4-year-old fashionista!)

And for me...

LESSON #1: Look at what you want your subjects to sit on, before you ask them to sit!!

LESSON #2: Don't be afraid of 4-year olds. They are actually quite nice (and forgiving, even when you make them sit in a puddle!)

Thanks Sophie!!

These next few are some of my favorites...

Jen, thank you for sharing your darling girls with me. It was a perfect ending to my day!

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