Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My dear boy....

How does this happen???


I know, I know....Every mom says it. But it's true. Time evaporates. Gone. You go from having a baby who keeps you up all night, to having a first grader working on division problems and saving his money for video games.

And, even though I never believe it when someone else says it - - I have to admit that I agree. The "now" is always the most amazing time of all. Sure, I miss those days. All the firsts....smiles, stumbling steps, meeting a baby sister, pre-school, on and on....

But nothing - nothing - can beat what I see right in front of me. At this moment. Maybe because the connection between us just keeps getting stronger.

Who knew that was even possible.

So, I'll be down-on-my-knees grateful for every day of these last seven years with my dear boy, and for all the beauty and wonder they have brought. But I won't long for the past....

Because right now is so very sweet.

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