Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring has sprung....

At last!

Fifty-two degrees. Sunny.  Fresh air. No need for a dozen layers.  And how to celebrate?  Why a park, of course....

Well -- kind of a park.  We went to this super-cool place called "Pioneer Power."  It isn't open yet for the season, but we had privileges for a hour or so....

On this beautiful day, I was lucky enough to have a photo session!  There are three beautiful girls in this family, and they were ready to be outside!

First, this is Gabriella.  She is five, and is the middle sister.  And she surprised everyone (even mom and dad), by grabbing the monkey bars and flying across like nobody's business. It really was a thing of beauty to watch.  Effortless.


I love this concentration!


This is Matilda with her mom.  Matilda is two and a half and charming beyond measure.  And she followed her sisters everywhere (as you will soon see....)


And this is Zoie.  She and Henry were in preschool together two years ago (which is when I met this fabulous family), but now she is a first-grader.  Back in the day, Henry and Zoie called each other "super friends" because they loved to hang out together.  Zoie is sweet as can be and a great student.  And if you need to know anything about eagles (like the fact that don't have any natural predators....), well then, Zoie is your girl!



It was so good to be outside in the sunshine.  I think it made those smiles even easier to come by!



I swear, the snow melts, and every kid under 7 years old starts a rock collection.  I think kids are just so excited to see a little of the earth that was hiding under the snow for so long. I remember doing it myself.  There may still be a baggie of rocks under my bed in my childhood home.  Only the "pretty ones" of course....

Matilda's hands were full with the beginnings of her spring rock collection....


More beautiful girls....




In summer at Pioneer Power, they run a model train on an outdoor track, and it's big enough to take riders.  The train wasn't around, but we investigated the route.  Zoie and Gabriella were so fun to watch, making up stories and adventures, as we zig-zagged through the woods, following the track.....


And, following close behind....there was Matilda.  Usually taking the road-less-traveled (translation: muddy and squishy!)



We lined everyone up for a family picture, and Matilda was a little late to the party....


But she made just it in time.   Gorgeous family!


Thank you so much Melissa!! I had a great afternoon!

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