Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday morning outing...

You'll never guess where I was yesterday....


The Como Zoo in St. Paul!

I had the honor of meeting this fabulous family and taking a few photos. 

This is Neve.  She is two and a half.  She brought her mom and dad with her to the zoo.  Neve's mom Huong is sister to my dear friend Uyen.  Huong and I have heard much about each other for years, so it was about time we met! 


It was a lovely morning.  And really, what could be better than a day at zoo on the first nice weekend of spring?

Well maybe COTTON CANDY at the zoo on the first nice weekend of spring....!



We started our outing in the Conservatory, checking out the flowers and the fish pond.  I think Neve was a little skeptical at first.  Who was this stranger following her around with a camera??  But she warmed up quickly.



Neve's favorite game of the morning was "swing me."  And really, what 2 year old doesn't love that game....

Of course, Mom and dad were more than happy to oblige.   



This game produced some of the biggest smiles of the morning.


The thing I love about an informal "as-is" photo session is seeing the real interactions going on between family members.  The connections.  The honest smiles and hugs and glances.  And I feel so privileged to see it all unfold.

Clearly, my favorite part about this session was simply watching Neve with her mom and dad. 



There is just something that I love about this shot....




Robert, Huong and Neve - I can't thank you enough for allowing me to tag along at the zoo.  It was so wonderful to meet you.  I'll have much more to share soon....


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